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Welcome to Eugene Moreau

Creators of the ’13 Box System’, the proven and simple method helping professionals around the world to advance their careers, win more business and become E.P.I.C presenters and communicators. 

To build a sustainable business that maximises opportunities and consistently maintains its competitive advantage requires a deep understanding of two inseparable and immutable facts…

1. Every business requires communicators talking about their business effectively.
2. The best ideas and solutions seldom win without influential communication.

EPIC Presenters influence decision and choice. They are relentlessly ‘influence focused’, pursuing meaningful, relevant outcomes for their audience. This is the single, unapologetic objective of all business communication: Influenced Action!

Influenced Action is activated through hands on mastery of the Four Pillars of Influence: 


Be Engaging ∷ Be Persuasive ∷ Be Impacting ∷ Be Compelling


An E.P.I.C presentation has one focus: Commitment to Action.

All Eugene Moreau coaching and workshops are based on the solid foundation of these Four Pillars of Influence.


All Eugene Moreau workshops are built upon proven, sound methodologies, principles, systems and techniques that have stood, not only, the test of time but evolving business practices and communications mediums.
When you engage Eugene Moreau to work with you, you’ll experience immediate knowledge, skill and art in putting these influencing principles and technique, to work… in your business and your presentations!


Every business is unique and this means a certain degree of ‘shaping to fit’ you and your business will always be required.
This awareness to ‘uniqueness’ has led us to design a set of core modules that integrate seamlessly into bespoke training solutions that deliver results, and the high impact experience expected from us by our clients.


There are a number of measurable and sustainable outcomes associated with Eugene Moreau presentation and communication skills development workshops. Depending on the type of training undertaken these can range from; a positive ROI, shorter more productive meetings, more confident staff, increase sales, and greater levels of influence.

Stop simply daydreaming about being an engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling business communicator. With a Eugene Moreau E.P.I.C. Coaching or Workshop it will become your reality!

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